FAAC A1400 Framed Automatic Sliding Door

FAAC TK35 series features 35mm thick aluminium alloy profiles

Meet the TK35 system, which offers a 2 sleek profile options paralleled with uncomplicated and inventive solutions, and crafted to simplify the management and installation of leaves for all automatic sliding door entrances.

Works seamlessly with the complete lineup of FAAC sliding door automations, including: A1400, A1400 RD, Airslide and On Air systems.

The FAAC TK35 series features 35mm thick aluminium alloy profiles, ideal for creating standard or telescopic automatic entrances. These profiles come equipped with specialised seals for 10 mm single or 24 mm double-glazing panels made of laminated glass.

The profiles are also available with either a 30mm wide or 60mm wide system, to create a seamless flow and options to suit various surrounding screens and walls.

To ensure proper closure and limit the entry of air and dust, rubber seals have been strategically placed at the centre of the sliding leaves, complemented by brushes. The sides feature a "labyrinth" system consisting of two vertical profiles and a brush that intersect when the door is closed, effectively preventing heat dispersion.

Download the pdf below for the full specification.