ASSA ABLOY RD3L (RD700) high-capacity three wing revolving door

The large ASSA ABLOY RD3L (RD700) three-wing revolving door for busy entrances

The ASSA ABLOY RD3L creates a spacious and welcoming entrance that can accommodate shopping trolleys, luggage carts and wheelchairs with ease. The full rotating ceiling ensures even lighting and eliminates brush marks, while hidden sensors allow for an uncluttered presentation and clean lines throughout. 

The ASSA ABLOY RD3L’s patented drive mechanism is located in the periphery of the drum, reducing stress on the drive itself and resulting in lower maintenance costs. An optional night-closing door provides an elegant solution for optimum security. In emergency situations, the door wings are released immediately and then folded to facilitate escape.

The ASSA ABLOY RD3L (previously Besam) is designed for placement directly on the finished floor surface and is delivered in a counter-clockwise rotation as standard.

Safety compliance

The ASSA ABLOY RD3L complies with: Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC), Low Voltage Directive (2006/95/EC), Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (2004/108/EC) and requirements according to DIN 18650, EN 16005.

  • Power supply: 230 V, 50Hz, mains fuse max 10 A or 100-120V, 50/60Hz, mains fuse max 16A
  • Power consumption: 400 W /30 W resting
  • Lighting LED: 5 W 75 W
  • Ambient temperature: -20 to +50°C
  • Anodizing
  • Internal height non-standard (2000 to 2600 mm)
  • Fascia height non-standard (340 to 1250 mm)
  • Powder-coated finish (RAL colours)
  • Stainless steel cladding

Product drawings
Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_RD3L_CAD_for_customer_floor_preparation_size_42_48_en.dwg (dwg, 159 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_RD3L_CAD_for_customer_floor_preparation_size_42_48_en.pdf (pdf, 132 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_RD3L_CAD_for_customer_floor_preparation_size_54_62_en.dwg (dwg, 116 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_RD3L_CAD_for_customer_floor_preparation_size_54_62_en.pdf (pdf, 136 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_RD3L_CAD_for_customer_NCD_2-DOORS_size_42_48_en.dwg (dwg, 3.32 MB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_RD3L_CAD_for_customer_NCD_2-DOORS_size_42_48_en.pdf (pdf, 1.56 MB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_RD3L_CAD_for_customer_NCD_2-DOORS_size_54_62_en.dwg (dwg, 3 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_RD3L_CAD_for_customer_NCD_2-DOORS_size_54_62_en.pdf (pdf, 1.46 MB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_RD3L_CAD_for_customer_size_42_48_en.dwg (dwg, 2.44 MB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_RD3L_CAD_for_customer_size_42_48_en.pdf (pdf, 1.27 MB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_RD3L_CAD_for_customer_size_54_62_en.dwg (dwg, 2.34 MB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_RD3L_CAD_for_customer_size_54_62_en.pdf (pdf, 1.27 MB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_RD3L_P_Burglar_resistant_RC3_2-DOORS_size_42_48_en (1).dwg (dwg, 3.42 MB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_RD3L_P_Burglar_resistant_RC3_2-DOORS_size_42_48_en (1).pdf (pdf, 1.66 MB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_RD3L_P_Burglar_resistant_RC3_2-DOORS_size_42_48_en.dwg (dwg, 3.42 MB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_RD3L_P_Burglar_resistant_RC3_2-DOORS_size_42_48_en.pdf (pdf, 1.66 MB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_RD3L_P_Burglar_resistant_RC3_2-DOORS_size_54_62_en (1).dwg (dwg, 3.03 MB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_RD3L_P_Burglar_resistant_RC3_2-DOORS_size_54_62_en (1).pdf (pdf, 1.46 MB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_RD3L_P_Burglar_resistant_RC3_2-DOORS_size_54_62_en.dwg (dwg, 3.03 MB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_RD3L_P_Burglar_resistant_RC3_2-DOORS_size_54_62_en.pdf (pdf, 1.46 MB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_RD3L_P_Burglar_resistant_RC3_floor_preparation_size_42-62_en (1).dwg (dwg, 164 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_RD3L_P_Burglar_resistant_RC3_floor_preparation_size_42-62_en.dwg (dwg, 164 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_RD3L_P_Burglar_resistant_RC3_floor_preparation_size_42-62_en.pdf (pdf, 241 KB )
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