Solutions for Offices

Automated Entrances for the Workplace

Streamlined Entry and Exit: Automatic doors in office buildings ensure efficient movement by opening and closing automatically, saving time for employees and visitors whilst also promoting accessibility by providing convenient entry and exit for individuals with disabilities, ensuring equal opportunities for all employees.

Secure Access Control: Enhance security in office buildings by integrating automatic doors with access control systems, allowing only authorized personnel to enter using key cards or biometric authentication.

Energy Efficiency: Equipped with sensors, automatic doors minimise heat exchange between indoor and outdoor environments, contributing to energy efficiency in office buildings.

Hygienic Touchless Operation: Our automatic doors in office buildings offer touchless operation, minimizing the need for physical contact with door handles or push bars. This promotes hygiene by reducing the spread of germs, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for employees and visitors.

№2 The Distillery, Glassfields
№2 The Distillery, Glassfields