Automate Your Swing Doors

Automation for Inside & Outside Doors

Automating both new and existing swing doors with one of our operators is an effective solution where accessibility is essential. Easily retrofitted and with different activation options available, automated entrances will assist with flow of people in hospitals, care homes, schools or any environments where facilitating foot traffic is paramount. Our A952 swing door operator is the most versatile solution, but we have a solution for each need to help you enhance efficiency and safety in your spaces, whether you are after an operator or a complete door package.

Designed for the most demanding environments.

With 3 FAAC patents under its belt and EPD and TUV certified, the A952 represents excellence in innovation and safety. Get ready for a new era of smart and reliable access. From schools to offices, public to residential buildings, our A952 is ready to revolutionize space management. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and a robust design, it offers smooth and secure access in every situation.

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